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The quality of Arc and Curve cutters are out of this world and most definitely one of the sharpest cuts in town. They're phenominal!

Sheree - Polly Collective - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

October 2019.  I want to say thank you so much for the cutters and the custom shapes.  They are all excellent and exactly what I was after.  Your cutters are really well made.  I have a lot of different cutters from a lot of different places and I can honestly say that yours are really well made, strong, sharp and great, clear shapes.  I'll be a firm customer, that's for sure.

June 2022.  I was hoping to get some more of the cutters like you made for me back in 2019. They have held up so well over the years. I would have used them 1000's of times by now. Your cutters are the best!!

Ami - Pop and Crackle - Perth, Western Australia

I love your cutters!  They cut super clean and sharp!  If you are looking for high quality custom cutters, I highly recommend Stephen from!!  His service and product quality is top notch!

Liz H - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Hello! I keep going to order more cutters that aren't offered in your store from other stores but every single time, I can't bring myself to make the order because I prefer the way you make cutters.

Your cutters are very comfortable to use and always cut so well.  I choose them over the other cutters I have every time. 

Irena N - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I got very excited trying your cutters out. They are amazing!  Best cutters I have, hands down!  Sharp and I love the straight bottom.  It will save me a lot of sanding time!  Thank you again for your wonderful service.

Szilvia V - @natures.collective.jewellery - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I just wanted to say how totally excited I am to have finally found some beautiful styled cutters!  I am new to polymer and I decided to take on a creative new project to actually help me have some Urshy time, mindful freedom.  Thank you!

Ursula S - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you so much!!!!  Your cutters are amazing and I appreciated working with you on them!!!  You have been so great with communication and your products are worth waiting for.  I'm drawing some more designs to send your way.


Meaghan K - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks so much Stephen.  Just tested them out and they are SO GOOD!!  

Thank you for the last two cutters they worked really well and I managed to sell lots of earrings! 

Fiona K - Perth, Western Australia

"I love Arc and Curve, they make the best cutters for polymer clay. The edge is sharp and smooth, the best cut I've seen. Stephen was so helpful - he made sure at every step in the design process that I was happy with my custom shapes. I ordered them on a Friday and received them the next Thursday, such a fast turnaround for a quality product. They take great pride in their workmanship and the customer service was second to none"

Natalie M - @natmackcreative - Perth, Western Australia

Just wanted to say my cutters have arrived and they are so great! The custom shapes are perfect and the edges are so sharp! I've got so many cutters from different places and yours are by far the sharpest!

Carla W - @blueberryfoxcreative - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thank you for providing me with such great service through the shape cutter ordering process, you’ve been fantastic! They arrived today and I’m so happy with the quality. I’m going to order some extra sizes too.


Linzy W - @graciefaceau - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

PIC 2.jpg

Super excited about my new custom made logo cutters from Stephen @arc_and_curve.  They cut so clean and create a beautiful imprint of the line work on my clay. 


Stephen was really helpful during the design process and quick to respond to any questions I had. The cutters themselves are sharp and great to use, so if you're shopping around for someone to produce your custom cutters, I'd totally recommend checking them out.  I just really like my new custom cutters.

Shae C - @thehouseofsummer - Bowen Hills, Queensland, Australia


Thank you!  You Rock.  The last cutter was great - I should've ordered these sooner, but I just thought I could 'make do'... until I couldn't.

Did I mention also how quick you are at replying, making and sending back. Wonderful service.

Patti P @bbppdesigns - Perigian Springs, Queensland, Australia

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