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Here at Arc and Curve we can create customised cutters for you from a shape you've designed yourself.

Please contact Stephen, after taking the following details into consideration.

  • If outside of Australia, check first to see if we are shipping to your country.

  • Draw your shape as accurately and as close to scale as possible.

  • When creating a shape with leaves, please leave a gap of at least 3mm in between leaves, to allow easy removal of waste.         

  • Take a picture (vertical position) of your shape, including length and width and email in a PNG or JPEG format to: ​

  • Let us know if you would like a mirror image.  

  • Let us know if you want your hand drawn shape symmetrical or organic.

  • For different sizes of the same image, please provide clear measurements.

  • If you are using a drawing program, please send in a DXF or DWG format.  I can convert an SVG file if necessary.

  • Let us know your address, preferred method of postage (below) and payment method.  ie. Direct Debit, Pay Pal or Stripe.​

  • When your order is ready, we will create an invoice and email it to you.  Your order will be shipped on receipt of payment.

  • Pick up option available for Perth customers only upon request. 

  • Cost per custom cutter = $17.00.  $10.00 for mirror image or different size.  15% discount for 10 or more cutters.

  • Standard Cutter depth is 9mm.   For a cutter within a cutter, the connecting bars are 4mm deep, leaving a cutting depth of 5mm.   Please specify if you want something different.



A cutter within a cutter or embossing or a stamp within a cutter is classed as two cutters and priced as such.

The smaller the cutter, the more time it takes to create.  The price is the same for small and larger cutters up to 100mm.

Cutters 100mm to 200mm -  $22.00.  Cutters 200mm to 300mm - $32.00.



 In the case of the image below, it involves three cutters. The outer shape of the vase - $17.00 and two cutters to create the handles. The first handle will be $17.00 and the other $10.00, as it is a repeat of the first handle. 

A mirrored image of the vase would cost a maximum of $20.00 no matter how many internal cutters.


Australia wide

$11.00 for unlimited custom cutters, including Cutter Press - Tracked.

$14.50 for Express Post.


At present you only have a choice of Express Post (includes tracking) or Tracked Postage.

An invoice will be sent on completion, with current shipping costs to your country.


Our promise is not to divulge your shape to anyone else without your consent, however please understand that we can’t be responsible if someone else randomly comes up with a similar shape.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to decline making your cutters if we think that they are a copy of someone else's and we don't have their consent.

Thank you for your understanding.


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