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The Bits and Bobs cutter pack 2 includes:

9 x cutter shapes, 10 including internal shape in cutter ?


The second option includes the main cutter pack with a DISCOUNTED Cutter Press.


PLEASE NOTE:  Individual Mirrored Cutters are available at $4.00 each by selecting the blank, blue square in the shop.  Select the number of cutters required, then when viewing the Cart, add a note indicating which cutters you want mirrored.


Shapes designed by Heidi @whilehugosleeps


Approximate Sizes:

Shape 1 - 21mm x 37mm (Mirror of 2)

Shape 2 - 21mm x 37mm (Mirror of 1)

Shape 3 - 37mm x 37mm

Shape 4 - 35mm x 36mm

Shape 5 - Outer - 30mm x 32mm, Inner 18mm x 19mm

Shape 6 - 31mm x 31mm

Shape 7 - 10mm x 37mm

Shape 8 - 14mm x 40mm

Shape 9 - 10.5mm Diameter


Cutter Press - 60mm x 60mm x 75mm

Used to evenly distribute pressure when cutting clay, making it easier on your fingers.



Bits and Bobs Cutter Pack 2

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