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Gift Cards/Coupons

What better way to send a gift to a friend than to use a Gift Card.  Enter the details below, including a personalised message and the amount you want to gift.  At this point you can 'Preview" your purchase.  Press 'Checkout' and you will be directed to Pay Pal to pay for your purchase.  You will be able to print out the gift card which will be valid indefinitely. 
The card will say 'to be used in store only'.  Please ignore this.  
For the recipient to use the voucher online, please follow these instructions:
1. Contact us at and let us know the code on the voucher.  (ie. xxxx-xxxx)  We will subsequently set up a special online coupon with the same code.
2. Notify the recipient of your gift to make their order at and to add their voucher code (including the hyphen)  in the 'Promo Code' box at checkout.  This will instantly deduct the amount you gave from the total.
3. Please let us know if you have any issues.

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